About ARK-O

ARK-O Since 1977
Petroleum & Car Wash Equipment
PO Box 248 Tontitown, AR 72770
Phone: (479) 361-3000
Email: mail@ark-o.com

ARK-O Petroleum Products was founded originally as a one man operation in 1977.

ARK-O has grown from petroleum and fuel pump maintenance and tank installation to a full service contractor.

We have kept pace with the changes in the petroleum and car wash industries as they evolved from simple electrical fuel dispensing units to some of the most sophisticated electronic equipment in use today.

Our highly trained technicians and installers continually monitor technological advances, in the petroleum and car wash industries, and prepare for any needs or problems you may encounter.

Today we offer turnkey ground-up construction of convenience stores and car washes as well as the traditional installations of fuel pumps and car wash equipment, service and maintenance in Missouri, Arkansas, and Oklahoma.

ARK-O is a registered service agent authorized to inspect and test bulk or liquefied petroleum gas metering devices, pumps and scales used for a commercial transactions.

(479) 361-3000